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Interview with Dr Hari

Finding Purpose and Growth in Bali, From Recycled Tires to Transformed Lives

We sat with Dr. Hari, a medical professional turned Master's in Management student, where he shares his insightful and enriching experience interning with a Recycled Footwear Company in Bali. Driven by the desire to meld business with social impact, Hari embarked on a unique journey that unfolded over three remarkable months.

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My journey to Bali was not just about crossing miles, it was about leaping into a vibrant tapestry of purpose, learning, and unexpected journeys. Leaving India for my Master's program in Paris presented an internship opportunity, and Bali, with its undeniable charm and unique potential, whispered my next destination. Landing at a Recycled Footwear Company felt like destiny aligning. Their commitment to social responsibility mirrored my own desire to learn not just how to make money, but how to make a difference. I dived headfirst into a dual role, juggling marketing campaigns with social impact initiatives, all while riding the exhilarating wave of new experiences.

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Of course, the heart of my Bali experience was not merely spreadsheets and calculations, but the people. Kai became a pillar of guidance, always ready with a supportive hand and a warm smile. And the Balinese people themselves—their open hearts and infectious warmth left an indelible mark on my soul. Despite the occasional misstep and language barrier, every interaction felt like a gift, reminding me of the universal language of kindness and shared laughter.

My days were a kaleidoscope of meaningful interactions with manufacturers and company employees, guided by the unwavering support of my supervisor, Kai. We tackled a long-term Carbon Footprint Project together, navigating meetings, data crunching, and even the occasional photo shoot (think tire sandals and bamboo sunglasses!). 

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Laughter and cultural exchange were prominent in the fabric of our daily work. The lessons I learned went beyond Google Analytics and marketing tactics. I got the chance to dog into the fascinating world of transforming tires into footwear, learned the intricacies of project management, and honed my business communication skills. But the most significant learning curve was navigating the uncharted territory of a carbon footprint project, pushing me to think critically and adapt to ever-evolving challenges.

If you are even remotely considering the Bali Internships’ program, I say jump! Don't overthink it— trust that the experience will shape you in ways you can't yet imagine. It's not just about building your resume, it's about discovering yourself amidst the vibrant melting pot of Bali's culture.

Beyond the internship, Bali itself became my teacher. From every corner, you can learn– a chance encounter with a local artist, the tranquil rhythm of a temple ceremony, the unspoken wisdom in the eyes of an elder. And then there was the "detachment" – this beautiful Balinese concept of embracing fleeting connections, savoring the moment, and letting go without clinging. It's a powerful lesson in resilience and acceptance, one that I carry with me every day.

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Bali, in three words? People and culture, business, and (my personal favorite) the food. Oh, the food! But truly, my Bali story, a story of purpose found, lessons learned, and unexpected friendships, a story I'll forever cherish, and one I hope inspires you to take your own leap of faith into the unknown. So, what are you waiting for?

By Billy Bagus

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