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How Bali Internships Connects You to Community Revival Bio-revolution in Bali?

In the tranquil village of Pemuteran, Bali, a dedicated initiative is making waves in coral conservation. Komang Astika, a local advocate, shares insights into the efforts to restore and protect coral reefs by collaborating with several organizations. Bali Internships is actively participating in this noble cause to contribute to marine protection and conservation initiatives.

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Biorock Technology Explained

Since 2000, a prominent local conservation organization has been employing innovative bio rock technology to rejuvenate coral reefs affected by human activities, global warming, and coral predators. The method involves the use of low-voltage electricity to stimulate a chemical reaction in the seawater, resulting in the formation of calcium carbonate and magnesium dioxide. These materials attach to metal structures, serving as a substrate for planting small coral fragments. This process fosters faster and healthier coral growth.

Coral Restoration Program

The Biorock coastal area attracts visitors interested in marine biodiversity, offering opportunities for scuba dive volunteers through training sessions and open water activities. Bali Internships, along with other organizations, collaborates with local initiatives to support coral restoration efforts. The program includes presentations, snorkeling tours, and diving activities for guests. Importantly, the center's non-profit status allows for a unique initiative – sponsoring baby corals.

Sponsoring Baby Corals

As part of the coral conservation program, individuals can sponsor baby corals by attaching their names to metal structures underwater. These sponsored corals not only contribute to the restoration of the coral reefs but also provide a personalized connection for sponsors. Gift certificates are offered in the first year, with updates on coral growth provided in subsequent years. The program aims to create a direct link between sponsors and the thriving marine ecosystem.

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Community Impact

Pemuteran, once a financially struggling village, now sees opportunities for economic growth and community development through coral conservation. By engaging in coral restoration, locals gain knowledge about marine life and job opportunities, offering a sustainable solution to address both environmental and socio-economic challenges.

The Call to Action

To conclude his insight, Komang Astika emphasizes the importance of community participation and highlights that anyone with a desire to contribute to environmental well-being can get involved. Bali Internships provides opportunities for individuals to engage, either through data management in an office setting or through hands-on underwater activities.

As Bali Internships collaborates with local initiatives, their joint efforts contribute significantly to marine protection and coral conservation initiatives. The program not only offers a unique and educational experience for participants but also fosters environmental awareness and community development. In a world moving rapidly towards technological advancements, this partnership stands as a testament to the crucial balance between progress and environmental responsibility.

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By Billy Bagus

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