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Social Culture Visa Information

Information on immigration regulations during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Based on the regulation of Minister of Law and Human Rights No. 26 of 2020, offshore visa application is open for eligible persons as an entry permit during the Covid 19 pandemic towards national economic recovery such as foreigners who will work in national strategic projects, foreigners who will invest, foreign workers who work in the formal sector but not a national strategic project, foreigners as medical personnel and aid workers and for humanitarian reasons as well as family reunion, including stay permit with 211B visa index (for internship, voluntary work, and study programs).

What is eVisa?

The Indonesian government has published a new regulation for overseas visa applications that must be lodged online by a foreign student's host invited​.

Social Culture Visa facts:

  • ​​Social-culture visa holders are not allowed to receive any salary​, to make a living you would require a work permit
  • Visa application is all done online per August 2020​
  • You require an inviter/guarantor/sponsor to apply for the visa
  • Visa application costs starting from 900.000 IDR to 3.500.000 IDR (around 52 Euro to 204 Euro)
  • Visa application online takes 8 to 14 working days
  • Social culture visa is valid for 60 days after arrival
  • Social culture visa ​is extendable up to 4 times every 30 days​
  • Social culture visa extension cots starting from 900.000 IDR via a private agency, 750.000 IDR directly to the immigration office (around 52 Euro and 43 Euro)

Please go to the official website for Indonesia's immigration matter, to learn about the visa international students must obtain when visiting Indonesia to intern, volunteer or to study. ​Consult our program coordinator for further information on visa information, entering and departing Bali.