Internship Programs in Bali

Visa Information

To participate in our internship programs, all foreign nationals are to obtain a social culture permit, which per January 2024 falls into the visa code of C6B. Please read more about this visa:


  • This visa holders are not allowed to receive any salary​, to make a living you would require a work permit

  • Visa application is all done online per August 2020​

  • Visa application fees are to be born by participant and paid directly to appointed sponsor/agent

  • This is ​​a single entry visa

  • Valid for 60 days

  • Can be extended 2 times (add another 60 days each extensionn

Required Documents

  • To obtain this permit we will require your valid passport (of at least 6 months when entering and leaving Indonesia)

  • Personal bank statement

  • Most recent colored biometric photo for official purposes

Application Time

  • You will be assisted by Bali Internships’ team to be in touch with an appointed visa sponsor

  • You will receive a Whatsapp group invitation so you will be able to be in touch with the agent and Bali Internships’ team.

  • Visa application takes 7-10 working days, excluding Indonesia's immigration website's error system.

Payment components

  1. Visa application fee to Director general of immigration visa approval 50USD

  2. Agent fee visa service application assistance fee 3,500,000 IDR (more or less 217 Euro), to be paid directly to appointed sponsor, not to Bali Internships. 

  3. Visa extension if your program lasts more than 60 days, the visa extension fee is 2,700,000 IDR (more or less 167 Euro) for another 60 days of permit validation.

​Consult our program coordinator for further information on visa information, entering and departing Bali.