Internship Programs in Bali
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Graphic Design Internship

The rapid growth of creative industry in Bali, requires a lot of professionals in the field of design. The needs of the graphic and multimedia industry in Bali, demands its practitioners to possess knowledge, creativity, skills, and attitudes capable of doing jobs related to visual communication in accordance, therefore the practice of field work or internships in graphic design work is very necessary. The internship program in the field of graphic design has become a program that is in great demand by a number of national and international students including individuals who have completed their studies and who wish to continue their studies in this field, specifically to enrich experiences and strengthen networks. Graphic design professionals are required to have computerized and illustrated expertise supported by soft skills that are expected to help design execution. Bali has become an industrial destination in this field because it is closely related to various business activities, culture, arts, related to the needs of the company in general, supporting the brand image and identity of a business entity, content creation, sites, digital marketing in general, products, creative events such as incorporation of art, design and music and so on. Bali Internships’ program offers and provides the opportunity for national and international interns to be part of the moving industry, from a graphic design internship in startups, non profit organization, international event producers, dive school and so on.