Internship Programs in Bali

From Internship to Employment

Bali Internships' Nurturing Careers, Inspiring Futures

In the fast-paced and dynamic landscape of today's professional world, internships have evolved into crucial stepping stones for students aspiring to carve out successful careers. Our internship programs are dedicated to providing students with impactful internship experiences, and stands out as a gateway to not just academic growth but the actualization of future careers. Currently, two of our partner companies within the program in particular exemplify the commitment to nurturing interns into prospective staff members, paving the way for a promising professional journey.

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We go beyond the conventional internship model, offering students a unique chance to thrive in a tropical paradise while gaining hands-on experience in diverse industries. Our program's commitment to ensuring that each intern not only learns but contributes meaningfully to their host companies sets it apart. Among our esteemed partners are a prominent travel and tourism agency in Canggu and a yoga surf retreat in the picturesque Nemberala region on Rote Island, East Nusa Tenggara, where potential interns are not only offered short term internship experience but also a potential future employment.

  • The Digital Nomad Dream: Business Development Internship

For those with a passion for travel and a desire to live the digital nomad dream, the Business Development Internship with the Canggu-based travel agency is a perfect match. The agency specializes in catering to the unique needs of digital nomads, providing assistance in legal stay permit applications and personalized travel services. The internship offers exposure to market research, partnerships, and marketing, allowing interns to play a vital role in the agency's growth. Beyond gaining valuable skills, foreign interns receive visa support, making the transition to a nomadic life in Bali seamless. See the program here.

  • The Eco-friendly Retreats and Culinary Adventures: Restaurant and Bar Event Organizer Internship

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Nemberala, the Yoga Surf Retreat invites interns to explore the intersection of tourism and hospitality. With a commitment to yoga, surfing, wellness, and adventure, this resort offers a unique opportunity for interns to organize events in its open restaurant. This role not only provides exposure to event planning but also involves interns in the eco-friendly and luxurious atmosphere of the resort. The internship extends beyond work experience, allowing interns to savor the beauty of the beaches, indulge in surfing, and embrace the serenity of yoga. Can you picture yourself working here long term? See the program

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Grooming Interns into Future Staff: A Commitment to Career Development

What sets us apart is the dedication of our host partner companies to groom interns into future staff members. The internship programs offered are not mere learning opportunities; they are incubators for talent, where interns are given the chance to showcase their skills, dedication, and potential. The travel agency in Canggu and the yoga surf retreat in Nemberala are actively seeking interns they can nurture into valuable assets for their teams, creating a pipeline for future employment.

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Our Bali Internships' program is not just a temporary stint but a strategic investment in building students' future careers. The immersive experiences offered by our host partners transcend conventional internships, providing a platform for students to demonstrate their capabilities and potentially secure long-term positions at the same time to any aspiring individuals who want to change careers and get a taste of new industries. The program's commitment to maximizing internship experiences and fostering an environment where everyone can seamlessly transition into professional roles ensures that every opportunity is not just a learning experience but a stepping stone toward a successful career. Through engaging partnership with our prestigious partner companies in various fields, our program not only enriches students academically but also lays the foundation for promising careers. For the past decades we exist to open doors not only to skill development but also to a future where our client's internship experience could very possibly transform into a fulfilling and lasting career.

By Billy Bagus