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Event Internships in Bali: The Exciting Chances to Network While Learning

Have you ever thought about making your own music festival or fashion show? If yes, event internship is a fantastic starting point for your career. With the rise of global nature in business, the demand of event managers and producers are on the rise, especially here in Bali. So what are the options for this exciting field on the island? Bali Internships is here to give you some insight.

Event Internship allows the student to explore their creative and organizational side; from planning to micro-managing the details of an event. You will also focus on directing necessary aspects of the event for a client. If you are one with strong interest in building client relations and have the passion to visualize and develop concepts for large gatherings or conventions, Bali Internship's Event Internship is a suitable role for you.

Thankfully, as a global holiday destination, Bali island will never be short of events and festivals. Each month, there will be plenty of festivals to engage the public; from traditional to modern, international to local, from culinary to music and culture. We have partnered with some of the island's finest event organizers to give our students a perfect opportunity to hone their event-planning skills. Here are some of them for your future reference:

Event Internship For a Co-working and Creative Space in Ubud

Situated in one of Bali's finest green nature destinations, this coworking space is mostly a melting pot for entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and aspiring freelancers working on their dream. Entirely made out of bamboo, they called themselves 'biophilic open space'. Intern can expect to work in a very refreshing, close-to-nature environment. As an in-house intern, there are a variety of roles to fill during the student's internship period at this coworking space. From managing social media, assisting in content creations, to assisting in events being held by the creative house. This internship would benefit a passionate, creative and enthusiastic individual who has deep interest in nature, community and sustainable living. The intern would also work directly alongside the founder and director, and receive mentorship to all aspects of running the coworking house company. Read more about this internship program.

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Event Volunteer and Internship for Educational Non-Profit Organization

Established with the main mission to create a sustainable future for Bali through healthy environmental practices, Bali's NGO is also firmly committed to promote gender equality and women empowerment. In progressing towards their Millenium Development Goal, the NGO will host regular annual events to celebrate Women from Bali and greater Indonesia who have inspired everyone to become changes we want to see in the world. The NGO is currently looking for interns with utmost passion about women empowerment and community work. The intern will assist in creating their annual event to reach its ultimate goal. Some of the engaging roles available include Sponsorship and Ticket Sales & Marketing. The Sponsorship internship will help find and create a prolific sponsor list, while Ticket Marketing will approach and follow up all potential ticket(s) buyers either individual or company.

The event is seeking volunteers who are passionate about women empowerment and community work and to support their annual event to reach its ultimate goal. Want to learn more about the program, schedule a call with our program consultant for a deeper understanding of the program.

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Event Organizer Internship for The Island's Biggest Movie Festival

The most renowned movie festival in Bali has gathered thousands of people to its event regularly every year. The intern will get the honor of working together to host the international-grade events and support their annual program. There are multiple roles for interns to fill on this position; such as Events Manager and Displays Coordinator. Events Manager task including organizing and managing an event's project, budgeting, and creative brainstorming for the concept of the event. Display Coordinator tasks would be creating effective visual displays in all festival venues and partnered shops, creating in-house signage and branding, and managing a team of assistants to cover all visual-related areas. Interns would get benefit in form of exposure and access to one of Bali's biggest international events. As interns, you will get direct mentorship and work along with the film festival's founder; not to mention the opportunity to build a network with people of various backgrounds, international and national filmmakers alike. See all of the internship openings for the event here.

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Doing an event internship in Bali gives a lot of benefits for individuals who are currently studying events related studies, event management students. Somewhere between a mix of business and management knowledge where creativity and design elements are combined. Bali can offer a space to test out or even measure, this potential future career of yours, to work in a fresh, close-to-nature environment in an international setup. Use this opportunities to network and build relations with international figures in the entertainment and event industries. If you are interested in becoming the next big event planner, these Bali Internships programs will definitely give you fine experience and necessary skills. Contact us for more info or inquiry!

By Billy Bagus