Bali Travel Update

Visa, Quarantine and Arrival

We are thrilled to share the latest update from Bali, read along to find out the most essential key points of planning your internship abroad to Bali. Whether you are currently on your planning stage of your internship travel to Bali or you have enrolled and are waiting for your time to fly, we'd like to update you on what has been officially announced by the government to make your planning even more prepared.

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We start with delightful news of the first airplane landing in Bali, February 3rd 2022, after approximately 21 months of no international arrivals at Bali's international airport, the island welcomes the first batch of international tourists, the airlines mentioned is Garuda Indonesia, and soon to resume flying to Bali- Singapore Airlines and Batik Air. 

Visa: application and entry permit for your internship in Bali.
The entry permit to Indonesia has remained the same since August 2020, besides citizens and resident visas, foreign nationals are to enter Indonesia on a B211A visa  or social culture visa for a single entry short term visit such as to attend study programs, educational training programs or a non commercial/business visit matter.

For the time being, we have always suggested and assisted our interns to apply for the B211A visa via an appointed reputable visa agent in Bali, the process itself takes approximately one week and so far there has not been any visa which got declined. This kind of  visa requires applicants to be fully vaccinated (a booster shot is not required) and have insurance cover for COVID. Contact our program coordinator to find out more about the visa application process and fees.

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Quarantine: Bali has now become an option of international airlines entry point to Indonesia.

Having Bali's international airport opened for international flights, there have been approved quarantine hotels ready to receive guests, these are mainly in the pre-approved ‘Green Zones’, now referred to as bubble hotel quarantine program.​ ​All of the listed quarantine hotels must provide complete services which includes transport from the airport, full room service (meals), laundry, a second PCR test and an official letter of clearance upon check out. As of February 2nd 2022, quarantine days for arriving international travelers is 5 Days (4 Nights) for double-vaccinated visitors; and 7 Days (6 Nights) for visitors only with one vaccination. See the 50 hotels for quarantine in Bali list here.

Arrival in Bali.
When arriving in Indonesia, you must fill out the e-HAC form through the Peduli Lindungi application, showing vaccine cards; negative PCR results from a maximum of 2x24h before departure, have confirmation of quarantine hotel booking (QR provided by hotel); confirmed immigration documents; confirmed travel insurance. Upon arrival at Bali's international airport there will be 7 points of checks on all international visitors to arrive: body temperature scanned (must be below 38 degrees Celsius, if above will be brought to separate examination room), data checkpoint (e-Hac data, Health documents), mandatory PCR test, standard Immigration and baggage claim, holding area for results , lastly go to pick-up zone and head to your booked quarantine hotel.

Now that it has been made easier to travel to Bali, now it is time to set your internship goals, let's plan your internship abroad to Bali with us.

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