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Helena and Monserrat Volunteer Journeys in Bali

Helena and Monserrat, each with distinct educational backgrounds and passions, undertook enriching journeys through volunteer opportunities offered by Bali Internships. Helena, fresh out of high school, was eager for a new challenge and chose Bali's turtle conservation for her deep love of animals and interest in Asian cultures. Meanwhile, Monserrat, a dedicated biotech student from NUI Galway, saw the volunteer opportunity as a chance to grow her scientific skills, help the environment, and immerse herself in a new culture. Their experiences not only facilitated personal growth but also underscored the profound impact of international volunteerism in promoting global understanding and conservation efforts.

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"My journey blended personal growth, cultural immersion, and environmental stewardship." - Helena -Dortmund, Germany

Helena's Experience: Embracing Nature and Culture

My journey with Bali Internships began in April 2023. Having just completed my school, I sought an enriching experience that combined my love for animals with cultural exploration. Bali Internships offered the perfect combination of the two. From the moment I arrived, I was struck by Bali's lush greenery, a stark contrast to the winters of Germany. the turtle center became my haven, where I learned not only about turtle conservation but also about Indonesian culture through interactions with local staff and fellow volunteers.

One of the most captivating aspects was witnessing the lifecycle of turtles firsthand—from observing nesting turtles to the thrilling moment of releasing hatchlings into the ocean. These experiences deepened my appreciation for marine conservation and broadened my cultural horizons. Beyond the center, weekends were spent exploring Bali's diverse landscapes, from pristine beaches to cultural hotspots like Ubud. Every day brought new discoveries and friendships that spanned continents.

Bali Internships facilitated a seamless transition into Balinese life, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment where learning and adventure went hand in hand. It wasn't just a volunteer program; it was a gateway to understanding and contributing to a world beyond my own.

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"It was a holistic experience that ignited a lifelong passion for conservation.” - Monserrat - Biotechnology student from NUI Galway

Monserrat's Journey: Bridging Biotechnology with Conservation

My adventure with Bali Internships started in May 2023. As a biotechnology student from NUI Galway, Ireland, I was eager to apply my knowledge to real-world conservation practices while experiencing Bali's unique biodiversity. The TCEC offered a perfect platform to delve into turtle conservation, sustainability practices, and the intricate ecosystems of Bali's coastal regions.

From monitoring nesting activities to participating in community outreach programs, every day presented new challenges and opportunities for learning. One of the most memorable experiences was witnessing the hatchlings emerge from their nests and guiding them safely to the ocean—an awe-inspiring moment that underscored the importance of conservation efforts.

Beyond conservation, Bali Internships provided a cultural immersion that enriched my understanding of Indonesian traditions and values. Daily interactions with local staff and fellow volunteers fostered friendships that transcended cultural boundaries, creating a global network of like-minded individuals passionate about environmental stewardship.

Volunteering with Bali Internships wasn't just about gaining practical skills; it was about making a meaningful impact and leaving a positive footprint on Bali's natural environment. It was a holistic experience that balanced learning, adventure, and cultural exchange—an experience that has shaped my worldview and ignited a lifelong passion for conservation.

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Why Choose Bali Internships?

Bali Internships offers more than just an internship or voluntary work program. It's a journey of personal growth, cultural immersion, and environmental stewardship, as Helena describes, their seamless program eases you into Balinese life, creating a safe space for learning and adventure to blend. Monserrat, highlights the opportunity to apply knowledge in real-world conservation. Bali Internships fosters connections with local communities, fellow volunteers, and Bali's rich biodiversity, making it a truly holistic experience that fuels both passion and global understanding.

By Billy Bagus

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