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​An Interview ​about Bali Internship​s Programs with Laura Korwa and​ Intern's Student Maria from Denmark

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Bali, the vibrant island known for its breathtaking beauty, is not just a tourist destination but also a hub of entrepreneurial spirit and exciting business opportunities. In a recent episode Bali Insider Podcast, hosted by Emma Vipond and Karlie Cummins, Laura Korwa, the founder of Bali Internship​s​, along with Maria​ Guldbrandt​, ​a current Bali Internships' intern​ who had an ​extraordinary internship experience with Bali Buddies media, were invited to shed light on the prospects of pursuing internships in Bali. As they discussed the unique advantages of working and interning on the island, it became evident that Bali offers an exceptional opportunity for global students to gain valuable work experience while immersing themselves in the local community.

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Unveiling Bali's Internship Scene

Laura Korwa, the visionary behind Bali Internship​s​, revealed that their program attracts applicants from various countries of Africa, East Asia, South East Asia, South Asia, Europe, North America, Australia and The United Kingdom, , as well as Indonesian university students fulfilling their internship requirements. The internships offered are unpaid, as this aligns with the legal framework for students seeking internships in Indonesia. Remarkably, Bali Internship has welcomed individuals of all ages, ranging from 18 to even 60-plus, who are eager to share their expertise and skills while immersing themselves in the vibrant Balinese culture.

A Unique Blend of ​Practical Work and Exploration

The hosts, Emma and Karlie, rightly pointed out that interning in Bali offers a distinct experience that goes beyond a conventional holiday. Interns not only gain professional skills but also get to explore Bali differently, venturing beyond the usual tourist spots. Since 2009, Bali Internships has collaborated with diverse industries, including fashion, digital marketing, engineering, agriculture, permaculture, accounting, finance, and even investment banking. By keeping their finger on the pulse of Bali's business trends and emerging companies, Bali Internships ensures that their interns get a comprehensive insight into the current popular fields of industry.

Volunteering Opportunities with Bali Internship​s​

In addition to internships, Bali Internship also offers volunteering opportunities. They have partnered with local nonprofits and organizations involved in turtle conservation programs, coral restoration initiatives in North Bali, and starling bird conservation and breeding center in Gianyar. Moreover, they offer educational programs that involve assisting schools, teaching, and even supporting teacher training by helping develop syllabus and modules.

Comprehensive Support from Bali Internship​s​

When it comes to taking care of their interns and volunteers, Bali Internship leaves no stone unturned. Laura shared that they provide support throughout the entire program, starting from the initial call to ensure the ideal placement for the interns. They assist with CV and letter writing, gather necessary documents, arrange contracts, and organize accommodations within the intern's budget. From airport pickups to transportation, Bali Internships ensures that their interns have everything they need. As most interns are young adults, they foster a sense of community and encourage exploration of Bali during their stay.

The Popular Internship Programs:

Without a doubt, Laura said the most sought-after internship program offered by Bali Internship is with Bali Buddies, or the digital marketing field in general. Maria Guldbrandt, a ​Marketing Management ​student ​of Erhvervsakademi Aarhus, Denmark, shared her journey of finding her dream job in Bali. She stumbled upon Bali Buddies, her desired workplace in the field of marketing and tourism, through a simple Google search. Bali Internship​s​ then connects her with the digital media, as Bali Buddies is one of their collaborative partners in the internship program. However, Maria later was pleasantly surprised to discover the wide range of other internship opportunities available through Bali Internship​s' website​. This realization gave her the confidence that regardless of the outcome, she could still find an amazing ​internship in Bali.

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Maria's Internship Experience with Bali Buddies

Upon arriving in Bali, Maria found herself at ease and well taken care of by Bali Internship​s​. They arranged her accommodation, guided her through the onboarding process, and even introduced her to her boss at Bali Buddies.

Maria's two-month internship at Bali Buddies involved managing social media accounts, including TikTok and one of Bali Buddies' client's Instagram profiles. Her responsibilities encompassed content creation, such as storytelling, writing, and video production, with a focus on showcasing the captivating experiences Bali has to offer—ranging from luxurious hotels and delightful restaurants to the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the island. Maria's internship experience at Bali Buddies allowed her to immerse herself in the essence of Bali. Beyond her professional duties, she had the opportunity to establish meaningful connections with fellow interns, forming lasting friendships. Bali's internships scene presented her with a plethora of unforgettable moments and experiences.

Tips for Prospective Bali Interns

During the podcast, both Laura and Maria shared valuable advice for those considering interning in Bali. Laura emphasized the importance of being well-informed about the local customs, regulations, and weather conditions, as this knowledge contributes to a smoother and more enjoyable experience on the island. Familiarizing oneself with what is legal and what is not is crucial to avoid any inconveniences. Maria, on the other hand, encouraged future interns to embrace the best of both worlds—the luxurious amenities Bali offers, as well as the opportunity to delve into the local culture and immerse themselves in Bali's breathtaking natural wonders.


Bali Internship​s​, proudly continues to be a driving force in connecting aspiring local and global students with invaluable internship opportunities on the enchanting island of Bali. Through their wide range of programs, encompassing various industries, interns not only gain academic and professional skills but also get to experience Bali in a unique and meaningful way. The story of Maria, the intern from Denmark, exemplifies how Bali Internship​s ​​​helps individuals find their dream career and facilitates a seamless transition into their internship experiences. Bali's internship scene, with its fusion of work and exploration, proves to be an enticing option for those seeking a fulfilling and transformative journey. So, if you're an aspiring individual who is looking to gain a life changing experience, work experience or a career change in a fascinating location, Bali Internship​s​ might just be the bridge to your dreams on the Island of the Gods.

By Billy Bagus