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Bali Internships at Bali Buddies First Women in Business Networking Event

On March 17, 2023, Bali Internships Managing Director, Laura Korwa, was invited to participate as one of the panel speakers at the Bali Buddies event for women in business. This event was attended by numbers of aspiring female business owners who had the opportunity to interact directly with industry experts and engage in networking activities. The event was held at The Bar, Mulia Resort Nusa Dua in Bali and was the first networking event for women in business hosted by Bali Buddies media.

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The purpose of the event was to gather business women from all over the island, whether they owned their own businesses or worked for a company. It featured interactive Q&A panels of industry experts, including Tatiana Bariban of Legal Legends, Maria Afrillyanie of PT The Bali Two, and Laura Korwa of Bali Internships. The gathering was hosted by Bali Buddies founder, Karlie Cummins.

According to Laura, this event was unique as it was the first business event that she had attended where a hundred percent of the participants were women. The atmosphere was encouraging and stimulating, and it made all the attendees want to work together and collaborate. During the event, Laura received many questions from entrepreneurs, business owners, and guests about what Bali Internships does. She explained that Bali Internships acts as a mediator for global students to gain direct internship experience in Bali, providing them with a chance to learn from many Bali-based industries at international scale that are not only professional and demanding but also hold strong family values.

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"People tend to think of an internship as something trivial, but we turned it into something essential," said Laura. She also emphasized the importance of internship programs, stating that they are often undervalued. She compared internships to a "first kiss" before entering the professional world, highlighting a potentially wrong start may affect largely on one's professional career journey and development. Through her work in Bali Internships, she found that many international students are eager to come to Bali, to experience internships, learn more about themselves away from the comfort of their homes and what's familiar, and this inspires her to do more, to expand and to have more internship programs to offer from every industries and fields possible.

She believes that the event was essential for women, especially those who want to start or maintain their businesses. She highlighted that everything they do must be beneficial, not only for themselves but for those around them. Hard work and collaboration are key to success in business, and this event served as a reminder of this fact. The Bali Women in Business event was a success, bringing together many women in business in Bali and providing them with valuable networking opportunities and insights from industry experts. Laura's participation in the event allowed her to showcase the importance of internships and the value that Bali Internships brings to the island.

By Billy Bagus