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Bali Experience: Adventure & Culture 2024

Explore, Engage, Explore

Bali Internships and Studentsgoabroad invites students from around the world to partake in this 2-week intensive adventure that immerses participants in the rich tapestry of Balinese culture, nature, and sustainable practices. Through our thematic lectures, hands-on workshops, outdoor adventures, and community engagement, participants will gain a deeper understanding of Bali's philosophy, traditions, and environmental initiatives while enjoying unique experiences and mesmerizing the beauty of Bali.

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This program is designed for those seeking an enriching experience. Recent graduates can participate in a meaningful gap year adventure, while young professionals can take a break focused on learning and giving back. Anyone with a curious mind and a passion for sustainability will find themselves right at home.

What sets us apart? With over 15 years of experience crafting exceptional travel experiences in Bali, we've built a network of trusted partners and local experts. Our new Bali Experience program offers expert-led workshops and lectures delivered by Balinese professionals, ensuring participants to gain in-depth knowledge. Our intimate group setting fosters personalized learning and allows you to build lasting connections with fellow participants. Actively participate in projects that make a real difference for the environment. We've designed a structured daily schedule that balances cultural immersion with personal growth activities.

Key topics

  • Nature and Adventure

  • Cultural Exploration and Healing

  • Environmental crisis, Sustainability and Community Engagement

What is the benefit of joining our Bali Experience program?

  • Connect with nature and new culture: Experience the breathtaking beauty of Bali's landscapes, from pristine beaches to lush rice paddies, and coral reefs, while discovering Balinese culture and wisdom of Balinese traditions, from intricate temple ceremonies to artistic expressions and ancient healing methods.

  • Learn from the community: Participate in local initiatives that protect the environment, conservation initiatives and promote sustainable practices.

  • Boost personal growth: Combine physical activity with hands-on learning and cultural exploration for a transformative experience.

  • Build camaraderie: Forge lasting connections with fellow participants and the Balinese community through shared experiences.

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Who can participate?

Our Bali Experience program opens to anyone, regardless of academic background or professional status. We welcome an intimate circle of 15 participants,

Join if you are:

  • High school graduates (18+): Gap year explorers seeking a meaningful adventure.

  • Young professionals: Take a break from the routine and recharge with a unique learning experience.

  • Non-students: Anyone with a curious mind and a passion for sustainability.

  • Global citizens: Join us from anywhere in the world and connect with Bali on a substantial level.

  • Improve your public speaking and communications skills in English during the 2 weeks program

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Forget the average travelogue! Our Bali Experience: Culture and Adventure program throws you into the heart of Bali, combining hands-on cultural workshops with breathtaking nature adventures. You'll connect with the island's soul through local eco-initiatives, all while enjoying comfortable shared student housing, delicious home-cooked meals, and transportation throughout the program. Plus, you'll receive a Bali Experience merchandise bag with a local SIM card, have access to English-speaking experts and lectures, and partake on over 10 incredible field trips and excursions – from marine conservation to yoga and cultural activities. Ready to trade snapshots for soul-stirring experiences? Explore Bali with us!