Internship in the Wellness and Lifestyle Sector

Bali has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia and the world for the past six decades. This makes Bali one of the main locations for individuals who are interested and inspired in changing lifestyles, for anyone who wants to live in the beauty and harmony of nature, tradition and people. The health and wellness industry in Bali thrives and develops rapidly as demands of domestic and international tourists who want their tourism experience differ from their daily lives in their home country. Ranging from physical activities such as yoga, studio crossfit, health camps, plant-based health catering to events related to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Bali Internships offer students the opportunities for various internship programs for anyone who is passionate to start a career or deepen one’s knowledge and experience in the fields of wellness and health. With the keyword of sustainability lifestyle, get a combination of lifestyle choices and entrepreneurship, especially in Bali with its dynamic trends and keep up with market demand. Various companies in the sustainable and environmentally friendly business sector can be valuable opportunities for interns to hone business skills, related to the plant-based healthy food business, healthy catering, wellness and fitness events related and so on. Combine your passion in wellness and your study, to your future profession, start here in Bali!