An update from our Local Surf Community Magazine host

2022 internship openings and network opportunities

After several years of on halt of publication, our long time intern host partner, Local Surf magazine, has recently transformed its work and focus on serving as a mediator and community media that bridges, communicates, documents and publishes programs implemented by the Foundation, alongside the former 20 years of existence of the Surf Community Magazine.  

The foundation is a movement platform from the previous Surf Community Magazine which is also a management chart and a series of programs and is a home for both. Where it will move with work programs that are prepared and implemented according to the competencies and respective sub-fields. Together with the  Surf Community Magazine, the tagline will be simplified in the future to widen its scope as a media & mediator, it serves as a mediator and community media that bridges, communicates, documents and publishes programs implemented by the Foundation. In addition, it aims to continue carrying out its main role as a bridge or mediator between Community, Industry & Government to stay connected, side by side and in harmony

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The program in 2022 will refer to an idea sparked by one of its stakeholders, about "How coastal children can process their assets into a business potential that can have a positive impact on the environment or the economy of the community". Also a simple idea about the identity of the nation refers to the superiority of the ancestors of the archipelago as a maritime country that is very capable of processing results and developing its potential.

The main first years’ campaign will focus on restoring Indonesia's maritime identity and glory, covers the work of site mapping of Stand Up Paddle sports through Indonesia’s archipelago from Aceh to Papua, educate, build, develop, preserve and archive the entire journey of the foundation to be later on used as the tools and information to support with the coastline community of the mapped sites. 

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The foundation has include Bali internships during the process of its establishment which makes us feel special and proud, the foundation has given us the opportunity to once again mediate national and international interns, students and any interested individuals to experience the genuine work of Bali’s local community work which aim and purpose is for the local’s well beings and success, mentally and financially. See our current internship opening list to find out if you can be part of the journey of this Sports and Event Communities Foundation.

The main key focus of the foundation are maritime sections in sports (surf, and stand up paddle) and community events relation (tattoo community, motorbike community, bars & mixologist community and any upcoming community who will be involved during the journey).

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