Meaningful Travel & Internships in Bali during the Pandemic

Coming to Bali

It’s been almost a year since the pandemic left us with the current New Normal all over the world, unexceptionally Bali. As we all know, the situation can be significantly different from one place to another. Some countries have to go through a total lockdown, while some countries have a little more loose regulations. 

But what does it look like in Bali? More importantly, is it possible to get on the island for specific purposes, such as internships?

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It IS possible to get into Bali safely while choosing the best Internship program for you. Not only you get the full experience of doing your professional internship offline, but you also get to do it on the Island of Gods- and, you don’t have to be a student. Our programs are opened for all interested individuals who wish to travel while having meaningful experiences for both personal and professional growth. 

Technicalities upon Arrival

From Visa to Professional Documents, we will make sure to lead you through each and every process. You will only arrive in Bali once everything is settled, everything means: legal permits for your stay, necessary documents for your internship application, successful internships placement, and secured accommodation. Let’s go through them one by one. 

First off, we start with legal permits and basic requirements, such as flight ticket, passport, and visa. We will keep track on your arrival date and guide you with the visa application. The price fee for Visa application is approximately $70 - 350$, depending on your visa choice and provider. 

After settling down all the basic requirements for your travel, we will then move on to your basic requirements for your internship. Providing only programs with quality, we are in return only expected to submit thoughtful documents needed for the application, such as CV, Letter of Motivation, and certain academic papers depending on your choice of programs. Worry not, because we will help you throughout all the process and make sure that you present your best. 

Once all the travel and internship related documents are taken care of, we will then move forward to one of unquestionably the most important parts of your travel in Bali, accommodation. If this is going to be your first time travelling to Bali, finding the perfect accommodation might be both exciting and challenging, due to wide area selections and the different vibe each area has to offer. We have written a couple of articles to guide you with choosing the best accommodation, (Insert Buttons for Articles) while ensuring your safety and comfort during your stay and in case of emergency. 

Upon your arrival in Bali, you will be greeted warmly by our team and taken safely to your first destination or accommodation. You will be provided with crucial information regarding living in Bali and necessary do’s and don’ts, followed by a welcoming dinner with other interns and volunteers who are currently in Bali participating in our programs.

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More About the Internships

We strongly believe in quality, thus, we ensure the purpose and quality of each of our programs. Click here to see the full list of currently available programs.

If you happen to have more than one choice, you can always consult with us to come up with what fits your skills, needs, and desires best. 

Applying for Internships in Bali doesn’t require you to speak Bahasa Indonesia. The level of English needed also depends on the field of work that you choose. Bali is a very much globalized part of Indonesia which has brought a lot of people from different parts of the world together. No matter what language you speak best, you will bump into at least someone who speaks just the same languages as you.

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The working hours for our internship programs depend on your company’s working hours, but normally you will need to work from Monday to Friday, 7 hours a day, excluding an hour lunch break. That being said, you will have Saturday and Sunday off to fully explore and experience the island however ways you like. 

Blessed with natural beauty, Bali has limitless options of spots to explore. From waterfalls to forests and hidden beaches, there’s always something to please your mind, body, and soul. So even if your favorite city spots are closed that day, you shall never run out of sources of entertainment. 

Although Bali is a paradise that will always keep you on the edge of your seat, it is still very important to remember your sole purpose in coming to Bali. You are free to do whatever you want, as long as your responsibilities for the places that you are interning for is fulfilled. 

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Check out our FAQ’s for more deep and thorough insights about your internship in Bali, and should you need a hand during your time here, you can always reach out to ours. 

Your once-in-a-lifetime experience is one click away, so… we hope to see you in Bali! :)

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