Our Intern Clients Internship Experiences During the Pandemic

“My internship allows me to fulfill not only my academic requirements but also things I didn’t know I need for my self-growth” Dhaula, Business English Study at Brawijaya University, Indonesia

Ever thought of completing your internship in the Island of Gods? An internship in Bali is still possible now! But, you may also wonder how Bali, as the number-one tourist destination in Indonesia is doing in the middle of a pandemic; “how do things look like there? Is it as challenging as it seems?”

Why don’t we listen to real words from real people! Here, three of our most recent interns share their very own experiences of doing their internships in Bali during the pandemic.

First we have Kelley, a 21-year-old student from Chongqing Technology and Business University, Jakarta. Kelley decided to go to Bali to do her very first internship while well- going on a guilt-free holiday. “As soon as I started, I realized how much of a good idea this actually is! It’s like having a responsible vacation where you learn something while having the best time of your life!”. Majoring in Tourism Management, Kelley, alongside Dhaula who came from Java, had the chance to intern for one of the biggest Travel Guide platforms in Bali.

Professional Experiences to Personal Development

Dhaula on the other hand had always longed to go to Bali for its reputation in tourism, and she’s absolutely grateful for the decision she made. “My internship allows me to fulfill not only my academic requirements but also things I didn’t know I need for my self-growth”, said the 20-year-old Dhaula in her interview with Bali Internships.

Last but not least, we have Christo! The 26-year-old Indonesian Junior Intern Engineer has spent years studying Sustainable Development in Germany and is now back to Indonesia in the hope to give something back to his homeland. Interning for an Environmental Consulting Company in Ubud, Christo’s part is to help to develop and build sustainable alternatives in Architecture and Infrastructures. “Your environment matters especially to your self-development, the people and place surrounding you affect you big time. The people here are just so smiley! I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such positivity that can’t be taken for granted!”, said Christo followed with a huge smile.

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All of our interns have shared similar feelings and feedback regarding their time in Bali completing their internships. Different pace of living with good people, good food, and good scenery, Bali has definitely won the hearts of our interns.

So, are you going to be the next one?

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