12 Weeks Marketing Internship at a Tech/Charity Start-up

Being from Indonesia, Leyla, Leeds Beckett University, UK, wasn't facing the cultural shock other intern have to deal with. Her main goal and best part about coming to Bali was to get and be more independent. Each day brought a new kind of personal growth for Leyla!

Nothing better than a warm welcome

I am really grateful to Bali Internships for organizing this program for me. Initially I had an interview with a company in Canggu, but I changed my mind as it wasn’t what I was looking for. Bali Internships helped me find another company and arrange an interview, which went really well. From the very first email, they have been prompt in their replies and extremely helpful and efficient. I appreciate that the staff pick you up and take you to your workplace on your first day. It’s a good way to get introduced to your co-workers and to formalize things. Also I think the monthly dinners arranged by Bali Internships are a really good idea because you meet other interns from different countries and share stories and experiences.

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About my internship

The internship itself was good, the bosses are kind and will help you with anything you need, both at work and outside of work. There is a lot of room for learning which is good because when you do an internship you want to be able to gain new skills. Although it’s an internship, you are given a certain level of independence which is vital for self-growth.

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From Indonesia to Indonesia

I have not lived in Bali before but I come from Lombok, so I wasn’t expecting a completely different way of living. This was my first time working full-time at an organization, so in the beginning it took a while adjusting to and understanding things such as workload, co-workers, managers, company policy etc. However I quickly became accustomed and I enjoyed working there with the other interns. My self-confidence has grown and that’s something I really needed to develop. Something else I learned about myself was patience when working with other people. Especially in my role, I was working with people from different cultures, sometimes completely different to each other, so it was important to be open-minded and tolerant, and to put yourself in the other persons situation.

My highlights in Bali

What I enjoyed the most in Bali was having the freedom of living by myself. I like being independentand having my own place and going to work every day gave me that sense of independence. I also enjoyed visiting charities as part of the internship, and meeting people from different backgrounds, because it really does give you a perspective on life. It was interesting to see a different part of Indonesia, such as the remote villages in Singaraja and not just the touristy areas or the city. One thing I won’t miss is the traffic. The traffic jams in Bali are awful so that’s something I’m happy to be leaving behind!

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