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Graphic Designer for a UI/UX Design Agency a Remote Internship

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Minimum 12 weeks-24 weeks




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The company has run fully remote since day one! Some team members are in Asia, others in Europe, and a few are moving around. For their needs, they found that it is perfectly suited to work remotely, a little Slack & Clickup is all needed! The company is a web designer consultation agency incorporated in Singapore. It specializes in UX design, their main work is helping software companies build a solid design framework to maintain a beautiful and consistent product through growth. The Graphic Design Intern’s job focuses on creating eye candies for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Dribbble, Behance, Twitter & Google my business. Take into consideration that the company is an interface design company and therefore our digital presence has to be outstanding. Great opportunity that can lead into a full-time position.

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