Bali International Flight Arrival Requirement

International Flight Arrival Requirement based on SE No. 7 Tahun 2020, SE Gubernur Bali No. 10925 Tahun 2020 and SE Gubernur Bali No. 11525 Tahun 2020:

  1. PCR test is required for every passenger on International Flight to Bali;

  2. Must conduct PCR Test upon arrival at the International Arrival Terminal, if the PCR Test had not been conducted yet, and if cannot show the results of the test from the country of departure;

  3. Conduct Rapid Test Examination and show influenza Symptom-free Certificate issued by doctor from hospital/health authority, for departure countries with no PCR Test facilities;

  4. During the wait for the PCR Test result, each passenger are required to undergo quarantine process at:

  • A designated quarantine location provided by the government, or;
  • Other designated quarantine locations (i.e. hotel) approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia.
  1. Bali-bound passengers are required to submit an online self-report form via;

  2. Download and fill in these two following documents attached on

  • Travel Actors Statement;
  • Travel Guarantor's Statement.
  1. Download and activate Peduli Lindungi on a mobile device.

At the moment the requirements above are valid only for temporary stay permit holders, permanent stay permit holders, diplomatic visa, service visa, medical, food, and humanitarian aid support workers and the crew of means of transport that will enter the border of Indonesia.